Some informations about me.

Dear Visitor,

I'm an amateur photographer, that means i spend a part of my free time in my passion.
This part can vary a lot, depending on my job, family duty, homework, others hobbies... but pleasure is still the same when i prepare or realise a photo session.

Having a long "fully amateur" experience, i was shooting anything around me : sports, landscapes, macro, details, portraits... Since a few years, my practice have advanced. I'm interessed in fewer topics, concentrate on people and landscapes, shoot less images, tend to simplify my style and build series.

Now, your turn !
* Wanna get an print ?
* Have some questions ?
* Wanna collaborate in a shooting session ?
* Wanna simply discuss about photgraphy ?
So do not hesitate to use the contact tool, it's always a pleasure to exchange and have a feedback !

I wish you a really pleasant day (or night),

Jean-Marc aka Jiheme